Accessibility policy

The website for the Research Chair in Nursing Care for Older People and their Families is accessible to disabled and non-disabled people. Furthermore, it was designed to be compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


For an easier access, the following functionalities have been included:


  • Exclusive use of the feminine referring to both masculine and feminine. It reflects the predominance of women in nursing;
  • French and English content that can be selected by clicking on the language button on the upper right-hand corner of the page;
  • Adjustment of text size by selecting the options from the web browser;
  • Uniform web page presentation for easier browsing;
  • Accessible site map at the bottom of each web page.

For the visually impaired

  • Reading rendered possible with synthesized speech and refreshable braille display;
  • Content in colour also displayed with other characteristics, for example underlined or bold text setting;
  • High enough contrast setting for text to be displayed on a black or white background;
  • Description of important images;
  • No screen oscillation.

Multiple browser compatibility

This website was tested on:

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 on Windows ;
  • Firefox on Windows and Mac OS ;
  • Safari on Mac OS ;
  • Chrome on Windows and Mac OS.

Need help?

If you are having problems accessing our web content, please contact us.