Training - Older people living with Alzheimer's disease


Intervention approach based on the meanings of screams

A training program has been developed on an intervention approach based on the meanings of screams of older people living with Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder. It addresses nurses’ aides, licensed practical nurses and registered nurses. The Faculty of Nursing of the Université de Montréal grants seven hours of accredited training to nurses undergoing this training. A manual has been developed for formal and family caregivers related to this approach: 

Bourbonnais, A., Lalonde, M-H, et Lavallée, M-H. (2018). Decibels Intervention : An intervention approach based on the meanings of vocal behaviours of older people living with a neurocognitive disorder – Manual for Family and Formal Caregivers, 2nd edition. 49 pages, ISBN : 978-2-922662-62-7.

At present, this program is offered only within the long-term care facilities involved with the research projects. This enables the improvement and formal evaluation of the intervention approach.

You can access a vocal behaviour observation grid here (in French only). This grid underwent a content validation by experts.

A list of vocal behaviour meanings, as well as interventions identified during a pilot project, is also available here (In French only).